Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Visitor from Taiwan

The following was originally shared in the Spotlight on Taiwan newsletter produced by Daughters of Charity. 

Sister Martin Dehlinger, David Sachse and Sister Kathleen Grimley
Sister Kathleen Grimley and Sister Martin Dehlinger, who both arrived 50 years ago to serve as missionaries in Taiwan, have recently transferred to the Province of the West in Los Altos Hills, Calif.

With computers, iPods, iPhones, emails and Skype, contact between the Sisters, friends and parishioners in Taiwan is always near at hand. But the nearest and best is when one shows up in person for a visit.

When David Sachse, a parishioner from the Tien Mu parish and a good friend of the Sisters, found his way to the Labouré residence in Los Altos Hills, our two Sisters welcomed him with much joy.

David was able to attend Mass with the Sisters and enjoy dinner with them. David also served as carrier across the ocean for the Sisters, bringing their prayers, affection and California treats to their companions back in Taiwan.

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