Tuesday, June 9, 2015

5 Daughters of Charity Vocation Videos

Making an Impact

In this short video, Sister Carol Schumer explains some of the great blessing that have been accomplished with the help of the Fathers' Support Center St. Louis. This center does amazing work reaching out to mainly men with children, teaching them to be self-sufficient, allowing them to become better fathers.

60 Seconds with Sister Marjorie Shelvy
Sister Marjorie enlightens us about her favorite years in the ministry when she worked at O'Connor Hospital in San Juan, Texas, serving patients and ministering to them.

Learning to Pray as a Daughter of Charity

This clip shows a video montage of the kind of life that the Sisters hold dear to them, and how what they do daily. Some of the pre-postulate women talk about what living with the Sisters' has taught them; things such as learning to pray or being mindful of the things that they watch or their choice in music.

60 Seconds with Sister Renee Rose

Sister Renee tells us about the importance of community life and how it brings so much joy to her and the other Sisters', which in turn allows them to share that joy with those around them.

Be a Daughter of Charity...Me?

In this video, a few Sisters divulge their stories of how they knew that they should become a Daughter of Charity and the feeling that came along with it.

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