Monday, December 22, 2014

A Community at the Manger

Sister Mary Frate, D.C., serves at St. Jude Parish in Tuba City, Ariz., on the Navajo Reservation. Sister shares her thoughts about the nativity scene.

Like the silhouette at the left, most nativity scenes picture Mary, Joseph and the newborn Jesus alone in the Bethlehem stable. But recently I read a conference (by Patrick Griffin, CM) that posed this question: Would Mary and Joseph have been the only poor family traveling to Bethlehem that night for whom there was no room in the inn? Might that stable have been crowded with other poor families coming to Bethlehem to register who had nowhere else to stay?

Picture the scene with a community of poor people sharing their meager resources with each other and being among the first to be blessed by Jesus! This is a powerful image that underscores the importance of community, whether it be friends helping friends or strangers reaching out to each other.

Here at St. Jude's we are aware that we are blessed as a community: a community of Navajo, Hopi, Anglo, Filipino, Hispanic people who gather each Sunday around the Eucharist, and find many ways to reach out to the poor among and around us. We are also blessed by a wider community that stretches in all directions across the United States. A community–many of whom we have never met–reaching out to us to share time, talent and treasure with us so we, in turn, can continue to reach out the poor among and around us.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sing the Christmas Novena with Us!

Christmas is almost here! As we continue to prepare our hearts for this special celebration, join us in listening to and singing the Christmas Novena!

What is the Novena and why is it important to us? Sister Lisa explains:

Last year we shared clips from each day to listen to and reflect on each day, starting Dec. 16 and concluding Christmas Eve. Follow along again this year and know that we are all united in this song and prayer this Advent!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Must-Watch for Discerners: Holy Hangout on Relationships

There are a lot of questions you'll ask yourself while you're discerning God's call for your life. A lot of the sticky questions probably revolve around relationships.

Daughters of Charity Sisters Julie Kubasak, Lisa Laguna, Honora Remes, Liz Sjoberg and Joanne Vasa talked about some of those tough questions during our Holy Hangout chat Dec. 7. From staying in touch with friends and family, to falling in love, to following celibate chastity, the discussion made good points about how God helps us in all of our relationships.

If you're discerning, you've just gotta watch this Holy Hangout. If you have a question, use #HolyHangoutDC on Twitter or email to get in touch with a Sister who can answer it for you!

Watch the full-length discussion here:

 Need a highlights version? Catch pieces of the conversation here:  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Windows of Opportunity Share a Story of Service

Something as simple as nursery rhymes can depict a peek into what it's like to be a part of the history behind the St. Vincent Sarah Fisher Center in Detroit.

With 170 years of service in the area, with the Daughters of Charity integral to the Center's ministry, it's nice to step back and reflect on where we've been and where we're going.

Through Dec. 28, 2014, stained glass windows from the Center featuring nursery rhyme characters will be on display at the Detroit Historical Museum Community Gallery. The windows were crafted for the Center in 1929. The exhibit shares a look at the SVSF Center's past, but also opportunities to continue serving in the future.

Sister Marie Judith Haupt worked with the Center in Detroit, Mich.

Watch this video for more about the Windows of Opportunity exhibit and the ministry of the SVSF Center.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Life of Surprises

Sister Mary Walter Boyle shares a bit about her life of ministry as a Daughter of Charity.

Yes, my apostolic life of serving the poor has taken me all over the world!

As a young nurse entering the Community, little did I know the wonderful roads I would travel. While serving in medical nursing and seven years in psychiatric nursing, I earned my bachelor and master degrees.

My next exciting 37 years in hospital administration began in Washington, D.C., as we witnessed the Cuban crisis, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s March and sadly, President John Kennedy's assassination. Then over many years, my apostolates took me to hospitals in New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I was also privileged to help raise money for building two hospitals for the poor, which included trips to Haiti and three trips to Sarajevo, Bosnia. St. Boniface Hospital in Haiti and St. Vincent's Hospital in Bosnia serve many poor.

And now my prayer apostolate at St. Louise House in Albany continues as I remember the poor and our Sisters serving in missions throughout the Province of St. Louise and around the world!

Are you ready for a life of surprises as a Daughter of Charity?