Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sr. Marguerite Rutan, Daughter of Charity, is Beatified!

Sister Marguerite Rutan of France was beatified this past Sunday!  She lived during the French Revolution and was a martyr for her faith in Dax, France.  Our international website has a nice video about her:

Here is another great link that has a slideshow, videos and links.

This is a link to the homily about Sr. Marguerite by the director general of the Daughters of Charity--think of him as the spiritual director for the whole of the community.

We celebrate this wonderful occasion, but then what?  Do we let her life impact ours? How? 

Sister Marguerite took an unpopular stand in her country which she knew could have dangerous consequences.  As a woman of faith and integrity, she chose to take a stand in fidelity to the Church in opposition to the leaders of her country.  She had opportunities to change her mind many times, yet she didn't.  Despite all the persecution going on around her and those dying at the guillotine she remained steadfast and continued her care for the sick and directing the hospital in Dax, France near the birthplace of our founder St. Vincent de Paul.  Blessed Marguerite was martyred for the faith April 9, 1794.  On June 26 of the same year 4 more Daughters of Charity who were on mission in Arras, France were also martyred. 

I would like to think that I could make a heroic choice like that.  Just last night at the young adult group I am part of, Bethany--we are on facebook ;-)  Someone said we like the idea of big sacrifices, but how about the small ones each day that we are called to make?  The inspiration last night was how JP II accepted his aging process and was a witness of faith in suffering.  So, how do I do with the daily sacrifices in my life?  How do I handle the aggravations of life--say getting stuck in traffic?  As Jesus told us in His parables, it is in the small things that we prepare for the big ones. 

Maybe a "big" thing won't be asked of me, but there are small things each day that challenge me to respond in faith and love.


  1. Love the plug for Bethany :)

    (Also, you ask some good questions at the end of this post! Hmmm...)

  2. RE: "Maybe a 'big' thing won't be asked of me, but there are small things each day that challenge me to respond in faith and love."

    Think of those..."small things"...that are asked of US All--Each & Every Day--as Physical/Mental-Emotional/Spiritual Calisthenics by which GOD offers Training Exercises to strengthen us & discipline us & teach us multiple strategies & keep us flexible & To--IN GENERAL--Get Us & Keep Us Maximally Prepared...JUST IN CASE WE GET CALLED UP & INTO A "BIG ONE"...

    #1 We'll Have "A REAL Fighting Chance To Make A DIFFERENCE For The Better"...

    #2 We'll BE PART of AN ANSWER TO The Prayers of Others...and...

    #3 Not just sit & cry & 'pray' for SomeOne(s) ELSE to come to Our Rescue.