Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sr. Pat Connolly's Vocation Podcast

De Paul University has been doing a series of podcasts for their Office of Mission and Values. Here is the link: Included in the series is an audio sharing by Sr. Pat Connolly, DC of her vocation story. Sr. Pat Connolly is currently working at the United Nations with the Daughter of Charity NGO (non-governmental organization). The purpose of our NGO is to encourage governments which are part of the U.N. to understand the situation of those living in dire poverty and dangerous situations and to take action. Since we have Daughters of Charity throughout the world, we are able to provide first hand information from areas of great distress. Here is a link to the NGO website of the Daughters of Charity and our brother community, the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians): .

Here is the audio clip of Sr. Pat!---Ok so I'm learning how to embed a podcast and this will take some experimentation. So, click on the link to get to the podcast. Once there you will see a list. Click on Sr. Pat's.

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