Friday, June 11, 2010

50 Years of Service as a Daughter of Charity

Sister Sharon Richardt, D.C. and 3 other Daughters of Charity celebrated their Golden Jubilee on June 5, 2010 in Evansville Indiana. The “over the top” experience included dinner, and the Mass of Corpus Christi followed by a reception. Sister Sharon had prepared a DVD
to thank family and friends for their support through the years. The photo here is Sr. Sharon with her family and some close friends.

I asked Sr. Sharon for some of her reflections about the day and this is what she sent me. The "..." are her own.

I guess I have thought of a golden Jubilee
as being for older people. But I don’t feel
very old…and those fifty years that have
just sped by…like a gift that I have given
my Lord and one that I am very happy to
celebrate. I think I will not take the next
50 for granted but will walk hand in hand
very deliberately.

When I began to realize that it really had been
50 years since I entered the Daughters, I had
a hard time accounting for all of them…they
have just sped by. However, as I greeted each of the
guests at the dinner, mass, and reception, the
memories began to mark the years. I was glad
that I could give each person a little card that
read: “I ask God to be the heart of your heart”
(St. Vincent de Paul)
Sr. Sharon began her ministry as a Daughter of Charity as a nurse. She later went into hospital administration. She served for a number of years as the Vice President of Mission within the hospital setting. During that time she also directed retreats and served as a spiritual director. Sr. Sharon currently serves as a councillor on the leadership team (council) of her province.
Sr. Sharon belongs to a different province than I, but in April, I had my annual retreat (8 silent days) with Sr. Sharon. I like to pray with my dreams as I believe they are "God's forgotten language" as a book I read is entitled. Sr. Sharon reflected with me on my dreams and art work too and so beautifully incorporated scripture into our sharings each day. I have found her to be a joyful person who seems just seems to glow.

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