Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Feast for Our Lady of Mount Carmel

There are many statues and images that have been designed throughout the years showing a large variety of titles for Mary. Today, June 16, is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Since Mary is an important part, in various ways, of our spiritual life, it is enriching to focus today on this title of Mary. The most common image that represents today's feast shows Mary holding the child Jesus along with a brown scapular. The brown scapular is often a part of First Communion gift sets.

Today's feast takes its name from the mountain, Mount Carmel, that overlooks Galilee. In addition, St. Simon Stock in 1251 had a vision of Mary from which the Brown Scapular was developed. Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the patroness of the Carmelite Orders and of the country of Chile in South America.

Our prayer life is enriched when more of our senses are incorporated. Let us be open to being inspired by learning about Our Lady of Mount Carmel. She can intercede with God for us in making our important decisions.

Written by Sister Carmeli Proano, D.C.

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