Saturday, June 15, 2019

Three Relationships of the Holy Trinity

I have a special relationship with each person of the Holy Trinity.

First is the Father. He is my creator, with the Son of the Spirit, my source of life. He is the one to whom Jesus fled for help and teaches me to do the same. Jesus desired to be in His Father's house, the temple. At the end of His life, Jesus committed His spirit to Him.

Second is Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of the Father. Because Jesus is both human and divine, I relate so closely to Him. He is the one who saves me and the whole world from sin. He has given me His body and blood in Holy Communion to be my strength for the journey. Because I am a Daughter of Charity, He is the one who I try to see in the people who are poor. Before He left his earth, He desired to send the Spirit who would help us to understand all that Jesus has taught us.

Third is the person of the Holy Spirit, the love of the Father and the Son. The Spirit is the one I ask to take over for me when things are too difficult for me to handle on my own. The Spirit has never failed to take over for me, bringing surprises at times.

For me, "Trinity" means loving relationship. The icon of the Trinity is my favorite because each person seems to be relating to the other two. They truly are One in Love!

Written by Sister Doris Moore, D.C.

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