Friday, April 12, 2019

Good Friday: Cries of the Poor

In response to Pope Francis's mandate in Laudato Si, "Hear the cries of the poor and the earth," the Roarke Center Artists created INVISIBLE PEOPLE.


Our sculpture represents individuals we really choose not to see, those whose life experiences are different from our own.

Mutual vulnerabilities thwart encounter. Unable to meet expectations, the unseen are further emptied of potential, they remain ignored, poor.

We do not listen. The ignored have no voice. We pay no attention so that we do not feel uncomfortable.

- The Roarke Center Artists

The Roarke Center artists are independent adults living with chronic mental health issues, disabilities, and persons in re-entry after incarceration. The art program facilitates building community and belonging.

Written and designed by Sister Loretta Hoag, D.C.

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