Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Response of LOVE to a call of LOVE

Each year on the Feast of the Annunciation, the Daughters of Charity throughout the world renew their vows.

Mary the Mother of Jesus is our model. Mary was a Servant of Faith. Her YES brought to birth her son, the Son of God, the one who changed the world. This birth offers hope to our world.

Creating moments of rebirth enables us to see glimpses of God; the God who calls each os us to co-create, to leave our world better than we found it.

Mary was invited by the angel to be the Mother of God. Her first response was, "How can this be?"

Many times in our own lives, we are asked or invited to do something and our response might be similar.

Mary's "Fiat" was holy because it is through her act of submission--her willingness to accept God's plan--that the Son of God makes His entrance into human history. Mary pondered the angel's words in her heart and then responded with her Fiat.

I saw many glimpses of the willingness to accept God's plan in my own mother's life. Her daily response to the needs of her family and others always came before responding to her own needs.

I have also seen many glimpses of the willingness to accept God's plan in the Daughters of Charity that I have lived with. These women have been faithful to their call to serve their sisters and brothers in need. This doesn't surprise me as our motto as Daughters is, "The Charity of Jesus Christ urges us."

Pondering, discerning, and listening are the only ways God can speak to my heart.

Mary's openness--our openness--allows the movement of God in our hearts and so we can enter that intimate relationship with the one who calls us to love. An intimacy that invites the God deep within us to do the impossible.

Our YES opens us up to new possibilities of the movement of God.

Our YES enables us to reach out and respond to those living in poverty in our world.

Our YES and our Fiat--our willingness--enables us to be transformed so that God can create something new.

Written by Sister Teresa Tighe, D.C., Province of Great Britain

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