Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

Today, November 21, the Church celebrates the Presentation of Mary. Before she was even born, Mary was chosen by God...and in her earthly beginning, her parents, Joachim and Anne, dedicated her to God.

Here is Mary...

  • A gift from the Lord;
  • Dedicated to the Lord;
  • And, throughout her life, continually presenting herself in her FIAT to God's every call...
  • ...Ultimately presenting Jesus to God and to us. 

I ponder how, after the ritual of the Presentation, Mary's parents raised her in the faith, guided her in developing values, encouraged her as she acquired different talents and skills and, in all these things, gave praise and thanks to God. Each day, they presented her to God in different ways. And, each day, Mary presented herself to God as she lived her faith.

Then I reflect on my life. When I was baptized as a baby, my parents and godparents presented me to God and the church. As I grew, I was blessed to have many opportunities to mature in my faith at home, in Catholic schools, and in charitable and community organizations. I grew closer to God through the sacraments, participating in service projects for the poor, developing relationships with faith-filled people, and going to Mass regularly. These were just a few ways that I dedicated everything I did to God.

As an adult, I believe that these experiences were paramount in my discernment to become a Daughter of Charity, presenting myself yet again to God, often in the person of the poor.

Here I am...
  • Given to God;
  • In community;
  • For the service of those who are poor.

When Mary was asked to be the mother of Jesus, she said YES to offer her whole self to this call--her body to birth Him and her life to raise and nurture Him.

Each day, I have an opportunity to reflect on how I present myself to God and give myself totally to Him and live out what He is calling me to do. And to become what I am called to be.

Written by Sister Roberta Treppa, D.C.

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