Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Blessed Marta Anna Wiecka: Gave Her Life for Another

Marta Anna Wiecka (January 1, 1874 - May 30, 1904) was born in Nowy Wiec in what is now Poland (then, the Kingdom of Prussia). She was the third of 13 children of Marceli Wiecki, a wealthy landowner, and his wife Paulina Kamrowska. Marta entered the Daughters of Charity in Krakow on April 21, 1893 and began working to care for not only the corporal needs of the sick, but also their spiritual needs. Conversions occurred as a result of her care.

While working at Sniatyn, Sister Marta learned of a hospital worker who was given the job of disinfecting the rooms of those with highly contagious typhoid fever. Knowing this worker was a young father, she volunteered to take his place and subsequently fell ill with typhoid fever. After a brief course of illness, at the young age of 30 on March 30, 1904. Her funeral was an occasion of grief for people of many religions including Catholics, Greek Catholics, and Orthodox, and some with no religion at all.

The beatification of Sister Marta Anna Wiecka, D.C., took place on May 24, 2008 in Bohdan Chmelnicki Culture Park in Lviv, Ukraine.

Written by Sister Regina Hlavac, D.C.

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