Monday, March 5, 2018

Vow Statues of the Blessed Mother

As stated in the Constitutions of the Daughters of Charity: C23, "The Daughters of Charity consider Mary the model and teacher of the spiritual life: 'the Virgin who heeds and welcomes the Word of God, the Virgin who prays, the Virgin who offers.' They turn to her in order to make of their lives an act of worship of God as she did, and to make their worship a commitment of their lives."

When each of us in community makes vows for the first time, it is customary to receive a "vow statue" from the sisters with whom she lives. It is always chosen especially for each individual sister according to her likes, needs, and personality. It can be presented to her on her vow day or placed significantly in her bedroom the evening before while she is on retreat. Of course, each sister's statue has tremendous importance and meaning to her. Many of us keep our statue of Mary in our room, on our prayer table, or some special place of worth and value.

This is a photo of my vow statue, called Our Lady of the Pillow. The sisters I lived with at the time of my first vows gave it to me to remind me to be relaxed in my prayer life and to let Mary sit peacefully and comfortably with me in prayer.

Also stated in our Constitutions: C26, "In their service, the Daughters of Charity strive to be faithful to the Marian character of the Company. They look to her who brought forth Christ...the Virgin Mary...In her own life, she gives the example of the maternal love by which all should be animated who cooperate in the apostolic mission of the Church on behalf of the rebirth of humankind."

Again, from our Constitutions: C29d, "They place their confidence in the Virgin Mary..." Isn't it easy to see why our Vow Statue of the Blessed Mother is so special to each one of us! And why we take such joy in placing it in a very sacred and significant place of prayer in our rooms!

Perhaps you have a significant statue of Mary that you love. Be sure to reverence it with delight and joy...and let us remember to pray to Mary for one another. "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."

Written by Sister Regina Hlavac, D.C.

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