Sunday, December 17, 2017

Advent Week 3: Traditions and Practices

Every year I make special preparations for the weeks of Advent. Generally, it is investing in an Advent reflection book, purchasing the holiday paper and writing the Christmas family letter, resolving on a daily Advent practice like cleaning a drawer, and of course assembling a creche scene in my prayer corner. All of these have become traditions and rituals which help me to be very present and engaged in the season of Advent.

This year, as I was preparing to write this reflection, I found myself looking for just the right word that brings the Advent experience together for me. It is the word CONNECTION. Yes, Advent for me is CONNECTING in a special way to some of the wisdom of those who write about Advent and the spiritual message of the season through their reflections. Advent is CONNECTING with my family and friends and sharing with them the highlights of the past year through the Christmas letter. Advent is CONNECTING with my own personal need to empty out and feel once again the need, desire, and awareness of being refilled with God's unending love for me which seems to tangible at Christmas time. Having a daily discipline and practice helps me to feel that "emptying out." And last but not least, Advent is CONNECTING me to the historical event of Christ's assuming our human nature out of love memorialized through the reassembly of the creche scene.

And so, on this third week of Advent, this Gradete or Rejoice week, I rejoice that I have been able to share these few thoughts and practices with you. In doing so, I feel more CONNECTED to you. And it seems to me, THAT is the message Advent invites us to embody. As Christ has CONNECTED with us, let us CONNECT and stay CONNECTED with each other.

Rejoice, we are all connected to our God who loves us so much, and each other!

Written by Sister Sharon Richardt, D.C.

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