Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Shoes You Choose

As I was preparing to enter the seminary, folks often asked me if I was nervous or excited, or what I found to be difficult or easy about the transition. Typically, I would tell people that the most difficult part of preparing for seminary was choosing the right pair of shoes. As materialistic as that might sound, it is the truth. I anguished over finding the perfect pair of shoes; the most functional, the most comfortable, the most durable, and just the right shade of navy blue. I would be wearing these shoes practically everyday and I wanted a pair that could walk in the park as well as genuflect at mass. The more I scrolled through websites of shoes on the internet, the more I realized that this obsessed was not about shoes at all.

Just as there are fifty million different pairs of shoes--different colors, styles, and purposes--there are fifty million ways to live out our vocation to love. With all the different communities out there, or even men to marry, how do I know that becoming a Daughter of Charity is the right fit? Luckily, I have been trying on this pair of shoes for about two years now and I have found that, though it might have taken a little time to get my feet comfortable in the shoes, this choice provides the best support and foundation for my walk with Christ.

Written by Sister Kara Davis, D.C.

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