Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Vocation Story

What is a vocation? According to Encarta English Dictionary, a vocation is "a strong feeling of being destined or called to undertake a specific type of work, especially a sense of being chosen by God for religious work or a religious life.

I wish to share my joy and enthusiasm for living the life of a Sister serving in the Church as a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. I met the Daughters of Charity when I entered Seton School of Nursing on September 8, 1953. I had three years of learning about them before I graduated and became a registered nurse. This is when I became convinced that God was calling me to join them. I admired the way they interacted so warmly and respectfully with all with whom they came in contact: patient, families, physicians, students, other personnel, volunteers, and those they served at the "back door" and in their homes who were struggling financially. Even more, how they were with each other.

Learning about their work all over the world was exciting, because earlier in my life, I had felt attracted to being a Missionary and I found that would be possible with the Daughters. I was happy that they valued service to the poor enough to take that as a fourth vow. I attended daily Mass at 5:45 AM each day and noticed how they also had prayers in common at other times during the day. I knew that their relationship with God was firm and happy. I was pleased to know that the Community had Sisters serving in most areas of the hospitals and schools or nursing, but also that they were in schools (grade school through college) and in multiple kinds of social works.

I have appreciated that my life of sacrifice and joy has been a full one, and that I and my companions do REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE  in the world. If you are attracted to a life of contemplation and action, we may be a good fit for you. I would encourage anyone interested in discerning a vocation to contact your parish priest and/or the community you feel attracted to enter!

Written by Sister Jean Ann Wesselman, D.C.

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