Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Too Far Gone: A Story in Ministry

by Sister Liz Sjoberg, D.C.

I work in the overnight emergency program at Marygrove, an agency in St. Louis that serves abused, neglected and homeless children and teens. The kids we see in our program are ones experiencing a major crisis, such so that they cannot live in their family home or foster home anymore. Their stories are heartbreaking and dark.

One of the girls at Marygrove shared poems she wrote about her experiences. We'll be sharing three of them over the next couple of weeks. Please keep Marygrove and the children we serve in your prayers.

Too Far Gone

They tell you to stay strong, but you can only stay that way for so long
They tell you that you can make it another year, but I don't think I can while I'm here
In a shelter for a second time, I just want to be free and take the life that's mine
People say disrespect will get you nowhere, but to be honest I don't really care
Caseworkers think sending you away will make you better; it just makes it worse but to them it doesn't matter
These experiences put more damage into my heart; if they want me to change that's not where they should start
I just want my choices to be heard, then maybe my life could move forward
The girl who changed and is happy–I want to be that one, but it's too late; I'm too far gone

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