Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Must-Watch for Discerners: Holy Hangout on Relationships

There are a lot of questions you'll ask yourself while you're discerning God's call for your life. A lot of the sticky questions probably revolve around relationships.

Daughters of Charity Sisters Julie Kubasak, Lisa Laguna, Honora Remes, Liz Sjoberg and Joanne Vasa talked about some of those tough questions during our Holy Hangout chat Dec. 7. From staying in touch with friends and family, to falling in love, to following celibate chastity, the discussion made good points about how God helps us in all of our relationships.

If you're discerning, you've just gotta watch this Holy Hangout. If you have a question, use #HolyHangoutDC on Twitter or email to get in touch with a Sister who can answer it for you!

Watch the full-length discussion here:

 Need a highlights version? Catch pieces of the conversation here:  

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