Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Life of Surprises

Sister Mary Walter Boyle shares a bit about her life of ministry as a Daughter of Charity.

Yes, my apostolic life of serving the poor has taken me all over the world!

As a young nurse entering the Community, little did I know the wonderful roads I would travel. While serving in medical nursing and seven years in psychiatric nursing, I earned my bachelor and master degrees.

My next exciting 37 years in hospital administration began in Washington, D.C., as we witnessed the Cuban crisis, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s March and sadly, President John Kennedy's assassination. Then over many years, my apostolates took me to hospitals in New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I was also privileged to help raise money for building two hospitals for the poor, which included trips to Haiti and three trips to Sarajevo, Bosnia. St. Boniface Hospital in Haiti and St. Vincent's Hospital in Bosnia serve many poor.

And now my prayer apostolate at St. Louise House in Albany continues as I remember the poor and our Sisters serving in missions throughout the Province of St. Louise and around the world!

Are you ready for a life of surprises as a Daughter of Charity?

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