Friday, March 14, 2014

Thanks for a Great First National Catholic Sisters Week!




This year, National Catholic Sisters Week was celebrated for the first time March 8-14. While it's a time to be thankful, smile and celebrate, it's also a time of reflection for all of us in faith to ponder the impact we can have on other individuals.

We had a few of our friends on social media share the impact a Daughter of Charity has made on their life:

From Brad:

"Sister Joyce was so alive! She wore tennis shoes to play kickball with us during recess and had hugs for everyone and anyone! It was a year of singing and laughing in the classroom but only after very devout prayer! From her I learned about how we can be happy and enjoy life, but still keep our focus on the Father who is the source of true joy. Such a profound lesson that literally has been taught to dozens of kids that I have had the pleasure to mentor."

From Cathy, who started volunteering with the Daughters at an early age:

"I went every week thru the 8th grade. I loved it. I can still see some of the faces of the people we brought food to or the shut-ins we visited and prayed with and these faces have stayed with me for 40+ years. So the first thing I love about the D.C.s is their vow of service to the poor."

As Daughters of Charity, we have all been impacted by people who have, somehow, led us to our faith and vocation. How can we help you grow in your faith? How can you help someone else grow in theirs?

Gracious and all-loving God, we thank you that You call us to be one with You and to be, in every way of life, doers of Your Word and not hearers only.

In this National Catholic Sisters Week, we celebrate women religious who consecrate their lives in poverty, celibacy and obedience.

We thank you for their character, courage and commitment to live in solidarity with those who live in poverty and suffer violence in everyday living.

Your love and grace inspire them. Their joy and total generosity inspire us.

Together they form a "global sisterhood" whose network of prayer and ministry call all of us to broader and deeper understanding and communal responsibility for the common good of our Earth community.

May their powerful stories ignite the hearts of girls and women today to answer your call to live a life dedicated to the common good through living in community and sharing ministry.

May religious life abound in vitality so that the boundless power of your love and care will be known more and more throughout the world.

In every way of living we are all called to be poor in spirit, faithful in heart, and obedient to Your Love. Strengthen in each of us a deeper commitment to our own calling, that all may be one with each other and with You.

We ask this in Jesus' name and the power of the Holy Spirit.


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