Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Daughter of Charity at 95: 'God Shows Us the Way'

Sister Victoria Nolan, D.C.
Sister Victoria Nolan, a Daughter of Charity living in Albany, N.Y., is 95 years old. With about 77 years of vocation, Sister Victoria joined the Daughters when she was 18.

A lot can change in 77 years.

Sister Victoria shares her encouraging story of commitment to God and the Community in a recent post in The Evangelist, the Diocese of Albany's publication. She walks through her life before being a Daughter, the changes the Community has seen and what it was like to decide to join the Community.

"There has to be a desire for it and there has to be good spiritual direction," Sister Victoria said in the article. "It has to be freely chosen. Just keep your sights on what you're in this world for, and I think God shows us the way."
Read the entire story from The Evangelist here.
What do you think? What challenges do/did you face while discerning? What questions do you have about becoming a Daughter of Charity? Tell us in the comments.
Sister Victoria Nolan, D.C.
(Photo Courtesy of Daughters of Charity Provincial Archives)

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