Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Daughter of Charity Named Person of the Year in Macon

What does it take to be Person of the Year in 2013? In Macon, Ga., it takes someone making a difference.
Sister Elizabeth Greim, D.C. (Credit: Woody Marshall/The Telegraph, Macon, GA)
Sister Elizabeth Greim, D.C., was selected as that someone by Macon's news publication, The Telegraph. As one of the key catalysts who launched Daybreak, a center for homeless in the Macon area, Sister Elizabeth's ability to reach out to those in need and maintain collaborative efforts to meet those needs is credited for her selection, according to The Telegraph.
Read The Telegraph's story about Sister Elizabeth here.
After Daybreak opened in late 2012, the center became a place for filling gaps for those who were unable to make ends meet. Daybreak functions as a resource to come in and have breakfast, get ready for work, use a computer, hunt for a job, and find help for a variety of other needs.
The communications center provides phone and Internet access.

From a quick bite to eat to getting ready for the day, the homeless can
stop by Daybreak as a resource for needs.

Daybreak provides a place for Macon's homeless to prepare and advance.

Daybreak is located on Walnut Street in Macon.
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  1. Daybreak; another new day, another new year. Long may Sister Elizabeth's work continue!

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