Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NCYC--We are the Church!

Imagine being in  football stadium with about 28,000 teens fired for Christ! I don't need to imagine--I was at NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) in Indianapolis.  Check out the NFCYM channel to get a sense of the power of the experience for our young Church

Have you ever experienced Jesse Manibusan?

He is prayerful, inspiring and full of fun--seen here in one of his many smiley face shirts.  Throughout the event, he led the crowd in the following chant/cheer:

Who's the church? WE ARE!

Where's the church? RIGHT HERE!


How do we live our Catholic faith? ALL ARE WELCOME!

How do we live our Catholic faith? ALL ARE WELCOME?

And that's how the world knows that we've been, SIGNED. SEALED. DELIVERED.

Bob McCarty, executive director of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, reminded the participants that our faith is vertical (God and me) and horizontal (my neighbor and me) as he moves his hand in a large sign of the cross. This was made concrete through the many service projects available at the event--packaging food for CRS, Locks-of-Love, capes for hospitalized children and more!

Pope Francis, NFCYM and the Daughters of Charity are of one mind and heart in the need to deepen our relationship with Christ in prayer and then reach out to our neighbors near and far.  As we read in Matthew 25--"Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me."  It is in giving that we receive, if only we take the time to reflect on our experiences and to hear God's message to me through this experience.
So what is God saying to me through my experience at NCYC (and NCCC)?
First, there are many amazing young people out there!  Second, they look to adults to be willing to share their time, talent and faith and they respond with enthusiasm.  Faith sharing is often not easy because it is something close to our heart.  We must pray for courage that we may speak boldly of our faith to the young Church and to our neighbor.  Third, this can all be done in the midst of a lot of fun!
Catherine and Sr. Denise
 Post contributed by Sister Denise LaRock, DC

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  1. I love your T-shirt and of course the objective also. I hope we , tfi the family international can celebrate with you.

    God Bless!