Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two New Daughters of Charity!

This past Sunday, in the Provincial House Chapel of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in St. Louis, Amanda Kern and Whitney Kimmet became Sister Amanda and Sister Whitney!
Both women were "incorporated" into the community of the Daughters of Charity.  They signed on the dotted line and received their special cross from Sr. Louise our visitatrix/provincial.

Many Daughters of Charity attended the ceremony at the Eucharist along with Sr Whitney and Sr. Amanda's family. An awesome day for all of us! I must admit it brought tears to my eyes a couple of times.

We are so excited to have these two awesome young women in our little company! The two new Daughters of Charity now enter the novitiate for about 1 1/2 years. They will have time for much silence, studying, and prayer.  After their time of living a contemplative life, they will be sent on mission.  It is all preparation to live a deep life in relationship with Christ, living in community and serving those who are living in poverty.

Do you know someone who desires to give her (or him) life in a radical way to Christ?  Have you asked her if she has ever thought of consecrating her life to Christ? Have you had the courage to make the suggestion to someone?  We want young people to have the courage to make the choice to consecrate themselves to Christ, yet the rest of us often don't have the courage to make the suggestion or share with them the possibility we see.  A study of those who have entered religious life has indicated that the more an individual has been asked about a religious vocation, the more likely that person is to join a religious community.

Let us encourage a "culture of vocations" where each type of vocation is is discerned and celebrated.

May God bless Sr. Whitney, Sr. Amanda and all those men and women who have chosen to follow Christ in a radical way through religious life!

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