Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness-You are not alone!

Have you seen the Pink Glove Dance videos yet?
One of the Daughters of Charity recently sent me the link to vote for the video our hospital in California did.  Check out the ones from the last 2 years (above link)--upbeat songs with good dancing!

I had a recent breast cancer scare myself.  I actually wrote a thank you note to the staff involved in the biopsy procedure.  I am not one of those people who is always writing notes for every little thing.  The biopsy was done at one of our hospitals, St. Agnes in Baltimore, which is part of Ascension Health.
In 1876 the Daughters of Charity moved the hospital to its present location.  However, the first Sisters came to serve at the precursor of the hospital in 1823.  See more details at 
This year is the 150th anniversary of the St. Agnes Hospital.  Above is the new tower of the hospital and the cross that was erected in 2010.  Below you will see the Daughters of Charity at the lighting ceremony for the seven story lit cross.

Ok, so why all this about St. Agnes?  Yes, back to the Breast Center at St. Agnes Hospital...
I was SO impressed by the staff during the whole biopsy scare I had.  I imagine they do lots of these procedures and it is routine, but they obviously don't function that way there.  There is a stencil on the wall that says something to the affect, "Here, no one is diagnosed with breast cancer alone."  I could see this was very true at this center.  They did so many little things to help calm my nerves.  During the lag time between the surgeon first coming in and his coming back to get started, a nurse stayed with me and chatted--the Orioles still had a chance at the championship game at that point. Several times during the procedure I was asked how I was doing in addition to their gentle gestures.  This included drying my tears when my nerves were getting the best of me as things got started.
So, if you watch the Pink Glove video and see the hospital staffs dancing to say you are not alone in the process---I know at least one place where they definitely mean it.  Thanks, St. Agnes Breast Center for being so caring with me during such a scary time!!
I am grateful to have not been diagnosed with cancer, but there are many women (and some men) who have been.  Let's be sure to reach out so they know they are not alone!

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