Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to School at Mother Seton School

I am sure you have seen the school supply ads and the shelves lined with school supplies at the stores.  Something is new at Mother Seton School in Emmitsburg, Maryland more than all the new supplies and books.  It is the Mother Seton Learning Center!

The Learning Center was dedicated during Catholic Schools week this past February.  The resource director and coordinator for the program work with studentes with reading, math, and written language difficulties, speech impairments, attention difficulties, learning challenges, medical concerns, family issues, social/emotional difficulties...

As the program develops, enrichment for highly capable learners will be added.
Sr. Meg(right), Daughter of Charity, works with students at Mother Seton School--Can you find her in the shot?
Mother Seton School traces its roots back to St. Joseph's Academy and Free School established by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  Check out their website at

"Let your chief study be to acquaint yourself with God because there is nothing greater than God, and because it is the only knowledge which can fill the heart with a peace and joy, which nothing can disturb."  Mother Seton's advice to Cecilia Seton

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