Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Good Catholic Life

So, did you hear I was on the radio talking about the Daughters of Charity and my vocation?  I got to do a radio show "The Good Catholic Life" that is done by the Archdiocese of Boston and syndicated--if that is the right word.  The show is an hour-which went by so quickly with co-hosts Susan Abbot and Scot Landry (no I didn't forget the other t).  Here is the link for the show.  Susan and Scot do some chatting for 3 1/2 minutes before the interview starts.  There is also a summary on the link page in case you would rather read then listen.  I hope you find the podcast has helpful information about us and discerning a religious vocation!
I also want to thank God that I didn't say anything to embarrass myself or my community--except maybe the confusion when asked our website!

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