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Happy Feast of St. Louise!

Happy Feast of St. Louise de Marillac!
St. Louise de Marillac founded the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
(last part added later!) in 1633 in Paris, France.

St. Louise is the patroness of social workers.  She saw no bounds in the variety of services needed to serve those living in poverty and she was willing to get her hands dirty in her service.  No work was beneath her and she trained the Sisters to do likewise.

     We are blessed that many of St. Louise’s letters and her spiritual writings have been preserved.   Here is part of her Meditation
on the Hunger and Thirst for Justice
(p.733 in Spiritual Writings of Louise de Marillac):

"Blessed are they who..." Hunger and thirst are two urgent needs of nature, especially in strong bodies...

Thirst for justice, which is a more pressing need, must lead us to desire greater things.  We must long for union with God and the disposition and means to attain it.  We must ardently desire that the effects of His holy will reign in us; and we must do all in our power to bring about this reign in others. 
It is only just that the owner should dispose as he sees fit of what is his without encountering any resistance.  To attain this goal in my own life, I shall abandon myself entirely to Divine Providence and no longer seek to be the proprietor of my free will. 
Rather, I shall place myself in the hands of God and of my Superior.  To put this resolution into effect, I shall gladly accept whatever God permits to happen to me, whether it comes directly from Him or through the instrumentality of His creatures, to whose judgement I shall acquiesce despirt my repugnance to do so.

Louise experienced great trials in her life—before and after the community began.  She learned to have great trust in Divine Providence
despite the difficulty involved—she learned to take the leap of faith!

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Have a blessed feast of St. Louise!
Sr. Denise

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