Thursday, December 8, 2011

Precious Life and the 'Triduum' of the Daughters of Charity

 On November 20th, my sister went into labor with her twins and she was only 4 months along. My nieces didn't survive the emergency c-section. Thankfully, Kelly, her husband and the rest of the family had plenty of time to spend with Josie and Nadia to say both hello and goodbye. Please pray for Kelly and TJ as they continue to miss having their twin girls. It is amazing how much we already loved those babies that we hadn't even met face-to-face yet!

Josie's feet

Nadia's feet

My nieces died on the feast of the Miraculous Medal.
I have given my other nieces and nephews a miraculous medal when they are baptized. So, I gave Kelly and TJ a mini miraculous medal--the kind that has a pin--for each of the twins. These particular medals were ones that I bought when I was at our mother house. The mother house of the Daughters of Charity is in Paris, France. It is in that chapel that Blessed Mother appeared to St. Catherine a couple of times. I took the medals I had bought and put them on the chair--believed to be the one Blessed Mother sat on. I did this just because it was a tradition, not because I had a special devotion. However, as I knelt by the chair and prayed for those that would receive these medals, I experienced a special presence that. I believe. was the Blessed Mother.

Jesus' mother suffered the loss of her son and now she has embraced my nieces in heaven. Kelly and TJ have offered the girls totally to God--no greater gift! We miss the girls already!

So, what it the "triduum" of the Daughters of Charity??

Re-enactment of the first Daughters of Charity

DC "triduum"=November 27th is the Feast of the Miraculous Medal, November 28th is the Feast of St. Catherine Laboure and November 29th is the Foundation of the Daughters of Charity (1633).

I contacted many people when my sister first started having problems the other weekend. I also sent updates. I have been greatly touched by the prayers that have been offered for Josie, Nadia, their parents and the rest of my family. I had emails from all over the world! I know Daughters of Charity around the world and also other members of the Vincentian Family from other countries. It is moments like these when I realize how small the world has become.

The personal emails, cards and phone calls from other Daughters of Charity has been a very concrete expression of how we are connected so deeply through our total gift of self to Christ through our bonds as Daughters of Charity.  It goes way beyond friendship--a very beautiful thing.

My nieces during their brief time here on earth drew my family closer together in prayer and love.  Josie and Nadia also gave so many people the chance to reach out in prayer and love to my family during this time of heartbreak.  It is amazing how much we already loved those girls!  I was very blessed to have been able to hold them.

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception--when Blessed Mother's life began.  Yes, life is so precious.  As Daughters of Charity, we consecrate our community today to God under the protection of Our Lady--the only mother of the community.  May we be faithful to our call to be servants of those who live in poverty while supporting one another in prayer and community.

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