Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Bethlehem at the Creche

Nativity Icon in Magadan ,Russia where the Daughters of Charity serve.
Christmas is a challenging time for so many people.  How do I keep focused on the spiritual when I am surrounded by consumerism?  What about dealing with such a variety of expectations individuals have about Christmas and how feelings can easily be hurt?  Then there are people who carry a burden connected to Christmas or that rises to the surface at times like that when family is accentuated.  It can be easy for us to push being merry when it is an opportunity for healing through the mourning of what is/was missing.

The Nativity is the cornerstone for the Crucifixion--the joy and the suffering closely linked.  Yet, we are Resurrection people of faith.  It is healing and salvation at the conclusion.  Jesus came to proclaim the Good News--something which can be manifested here on earth. 

Below is a link to an article about a work of the Daughters of Charity in Bethlehem who run an orphanage in a non-Christian area and culture.  It is sad to think of how the children suffer being separated from family.  It is also admirable how the mothers chose life despite the personal cost.  Check it out:

We have missionary Sisters in Magadan, Russia.  One is from here in the U.S. and the others are from Poland (the languages have more similarities).  The Sisters minister to the people of the area left behind from the labor camps that had been there.  Did you ever read With God in Russia?  On the website of the parish are some of the stories of survivors of the labor camps.  Just go to the link below.

The human spirit can be very resilient when it finds love--love at the Creche Orphangae in Bethlehem, love at the Catholic Church in Magadan.  Can we include love in your presence?

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