Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Willing to Take a Bullet?

40 Days for Life is taking place all over the country during this season of Lent.  Monday I was praying the rosary outside a clinic.  I was the only pray-er there unlike other times that I have participated.  Many cars passed while I walked up and down a section of sidewalk near our sign.  A car passed by and the male driver was, I would guess, in his late 20's.  As he drove passed he formed his hand in the shape of a gun like how kids play cops and robbers.  Then he pulled his imaginary trigger while pointing at me.  I was surprised by this gesture, but not at all fearful.

However, as I continued to pray I reflected on this.  Even though this guy was really just gesturing to express his opinion, what would my reaction be if it was for real?  Christ willingly gave His life for my sake through His passion and death.  It made me stop and think how brave I would be in the face of giving my life.  What do I care about that strongly?  What would you give your life for?

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