Monday, April 11, 2011

Truckers Against Human Trafficking

Yesterday I received an e-newsletter from Samaritan Women in Maryland.  This organization seeks to help females become free from addiction, prostitution and being trafficked.  One of the links in the newsletter was from Truckers Against Human Trafficking:  The purpose of the video is to increase awareness about trafficking of persons for truck drivers, but it is eye opening for all of us.  I encourage you to watch the video.  Persons who are trafficked are "invisible" in our society.  If we pay more attention to what is happening to those around us and are aware of what is going on--then they have the chance to be saved as the two teen girls in the video were if we have the courage to act.

The National Hotline number is 1-888-373-7888--call in an suspicions and give as many details as you can!

Today the scriptures are about Susanna being falsely accused and the woman Jesus saved from being stoned after being caught in adultery.  It is so appropriate to this topic.  The women and teens (male and female) who are involved in prostitution didn't get there because that is what they dreamed of doing when they grew up.  Something terrible has brought each one of them to this point.  We can follow Jesus' example of loving compassion and reach out in a simple but life changing way--life changing for all involved!

Let us keep our eyes and hearts open to those with whom we avoid eye contact.  They are also God's children who stand in great need of love.

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