Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Centennial of St. Louis Province

This year the Daughters of Charity celebrate 100 years as a province in St. Louis. They created a special calendar to spotlight their life together and in service. I want to share a couple of the photos with you.

Here is Sr. Hilary Ross. She ministered in Carville, LA and worked on finding the treatment that kept Hansen's Disease under control. There is a PBS documentary film about Carville, the cure for leprosy and the reintergration of those suffering from Hansen's disease back into society. It is called "Triumph at Carville: A Tale of Leprosy in America."

Below is Sr. Mary William Sullivan who was serving at Marillac Center in Chicago when she met Martin Luther King, Jr.

Shown with the children is Sr. Mary Virginia Clark participating at a Mass held on Mexico at a dump where people were living. She ministered in El Paso and would go on Sundays to the dump across the border to be with the people there.

Here is a link to the Centennial Mass Celebration at the Cathedral in St. Louis: Just scroll down and it is on the right.

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