Monday, October 5, 2009

Visioning for the Mission Celebration

At the end of September, four provinces of the Daughters of Charity from the United States met in St. Louis to "Vision" for our future. It was a wonderful gathering of many Daughters as you will see from the video. The days ended with a Eucharistic celebration on Sunday, September 27th--the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, our founder (along with St. Louise de Marillac). It is exciting to look at the future and how God is calling us to meet the new needs of those who are poor. In honor of St. Vincent we had a special collection of socks and shoes for those who are poor in the St. Louis area. Since we have a number of Daughters of Charity in the St. Louis area they will take care of distributing the goodies. As you will see there are two over-flowing tables.

We sat at tables that were mixed up so we wouldn't know everyone. I was touched by the great unity we all experienced. No matter where we live in the U.S. or around the world, we are still strongly united in our mission of serving Christ in those who are poor. It is amazing that since our founding in 1633 that our identity is still so strong! Those days served as a great boost to one's vocation and excitement about the future!

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